A Kiddush Cup is a Treasured Gift for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays

Traditionally, the kiddush cup is used to hold wine or grape juice during Kiddush – the blessing that sanctifies Shabbat and Jewish holidays. It can be made of silver or another ornamental material and decorated with various designs. It is a treasured gift for bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, and other special occasions.

While it’s preferable to use a silver cup for Kiddush, it is permissible to say the blessing over any type of cup (a glass, a paper or plastic one, etc). In general, it’s best to use a glass that holds at least a revi’is and that’s clean and free of cracks or holes.

The person who says the blessing drinks from the cup and then all those present drink from it as well. Some families like to use a cup that has a fountain so they can all pour from one large cup and pass it around easily. It’s also possible to buy a set of individual cups so that everyone has their own personal one.

If you’re looking for a stunning cup for your Jewish home, consider buying a hand-made one. These are made with thicker sheets of silver and intricate techniques that take years to master. Many of them feature a unique inscription showing the owner’s name and date of manufacture. These are considered family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. The inscription can be written in Hebrew, English or both and may include a short poem or quote that’s appropriate for the occasion. kiddush cup

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