Amersterdam As A Romantic Destination

Today,Amersterdam As A Romantic Destination Articles Norm Goldman, Editor of and is excited to have as our guest, Andy Herbach. Andy is an attorney in Milwaukee, WI, and is the author of Amsterdam Made Easy, as well as several other books, Open Road’s Paris Made Easy, and co-author of Eating & Drinking in Paris, Eating & Drinking in Italy, Eating & Drinking in Spain, and Eating & Drinking in Latin America. Today, Andy is here to discuss Amsterdam.Good day Andy and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview.Norm:Could you tell our readers what made you want to write about Amsterdam and why does this city attract you?Andy:Amsterdam has more canals than Venice, more bridges than Paris, more bicycles than cars, and perhaps more tolerance than any other city in the world. It’s what makes Amsterdam truly unique & and such a wonderful place to visit.Because the city is so compact, you can see a lot even if your stay is short and its sights are as diverse as its residents, including beautiful churches, lovely gardens, and, of course, the infamous Red-Light District.If you’re interested in museums, there’s something for everyone. The famous Rijksmuseum offers paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, the Stedelijk Museum has contemporary art, and the Torture Museum & well, how should I say this? & is filled with stuff you probably didn’t need to see!Cultured, vibrant, fun and easy to get around Amsterdam is the perfect European city to explore.Norm:If you had chose 8 of the most romantic venues in Amsterdam for a romantic getaway or even a wedding celebration.. Coffee shops in the Netherlands

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