Armor Ring – Full Finger Medieval Rings That Are As Mysterious As They Are Beautiful

Why is it that some people seem to have an uncanny knack of finding pieces of jewelry to really make an impact not only from the fact that visually they are different but, somehow they are very covetable too? Well, I think that I have seen my own very desirable piece in the form of an armor ring. I certainly have never worn anything that provoked so much reaction and interest that is for sure.

Maybe you have never even heard of, or even seen an armor ring and if this is the case, then I can promise you that you are in for a visual feast. Round and ring like they most definitely are not, more like a finger decoration or adornment, also known as a full finger ring, medieval ring or Gothic ring to name but a few.

The first of the alternative names is a good clue as to how they look and maybe help you visualise what you are going to see. Covering from the base of the finger to either the second knuckle or just below the fingernail depending on the style or design you choose. Each one is pretty much an individual work of art and whilst they can appear masculine, they are also very feminine too. So, unisex is the definite appeal here.

Made of sterling silver or pewter, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. Jointed in 2 or 3 so that they move freely with your hand and finger movement, you can imagine why they create such an impact. They are a ring by definition but, way out of the box when it comes to conforming to your usual ideas of what one is, for sure.

It would appear that they have been kept a well hidden secret by people who prefer the Gothic style of dress and I am not sure how they have managed to do this for such a long time, all credit to you guys. But, the secret is now out and with the likes of some top designers like Vivienne Westwood bringing out her own range you just know that they are an amazing piece of jewelry. After all, if she picks up on and endorses something by putting her own take on it, you know you are on to a unique and quirky winner.

Some of the styles and designs are really intricate works of art and others certainly conjure up images of days gone by when knights fought each other for honour. (Maybe this is the reason for another of the names given to them). I do not know the origins of these fantastic finger pieces but, they could quite easily have quietly survived the changing fashions over the years by staying quietly in the back ground.

If you love to express your individuality and enjoy being a little non conformist or just generally like unusual things then an armor ring will definitely be of interest to you. The difficulty here is choosing from the amazing selection for sure. Birthday earrings

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