Asurion Customer Service Review

asurion customer service is a leading provider of device protection, technical support and warranty services for electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and home appliances. The company’s insurance plans provide coverage for cracked screens, mechanical failures and loss, theft, and water damage. They also offer additional features like data backup, screen repair and tech support for common cell phone issues. In addition, their insurance plan covers accessories that come with the device, such as chargers and earbuds.

The company’s customer service is renowned for being knowledgeable and responsive. Their claims process is reportedly straightforward, and customers report that their replacement devices are shipped promptly. Although some customers have reported problems with the company’s customer service, the vast majority of reviewers rate asurion as a highly reputable provider of device protection and warranty services.

It’s important to note that Asurion isn’t the only company that offers smartphone insurance. Most wireless service providers, including AT&T, Sprint and Version, offer their own plans. Costco and Best Buy also have mobile protection plans available. However, Asurion has the advantage of offering the “what-if” services that other protection plans do not, such as virus protection and same-day replacement.

In addition, Asurion has a number of perks that other companies do not, such as free shipping on replacement devices and no deductible for lost or stolen devices. These perks make Asurion’s plans a great value for consumers who are prone to breaking or losing their expensive devices.

Asurion offers several different plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. In addition to their flagship smartphone insurance plan, they also offer plans that cover a variety of electronics, from laptops and tablet computers to digital cameras and gaming consoles. They even have a special plan for kids that gives parents peace of mind when it comes to their children’s electronic devices.

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