Bachelor Party Packages in Cartagena

Cartagena is a hot-spot for bachelor parties. Its relaxing Caribbean vibe, vibrant nightlife, and wide variety of activities make it a great choice for a bachelor party. There are many different ways to celebrate your last days of singlehood in this amazing city, but the best way is to book a full-service bachelor party package that includes everything from the best hotels and villas to the best activities, VIP services, and party tours.

It won’t take long to find a bar, lounge, or club in the city’s vivacious old town where music, dancing, and hundreds of beautiful women fill the streets and dance floors. There’s no need to worry about getting ripped off in the city—the prices here are a fraction of what they are at most US party destinations.

If your group wants to hit the bars and clubs in style, consider booking a private chiva bus. For a little more than a taxi ride, these tricked-out school buses blast party music and flash bright LED lights. You can rent a private chiva for your group, or share one with other travelers for half the price. Either way, you’ll be herded from bars to plazas to restaurants and sites on a fun, non-stop ride.

Whether you want to stay in the heart of the Walled City or in more spacious surroundings outside, Cartagena offers plenty of luxury villas to fit any budget. Some are so big that they need to be split into multiple rooms to accommodate the entire group. Others, such as Casa Cruxada, are so upscale and cool they’re plastered with accolades from GQ, Airbnb Magazine, and a few Latin magazines. If you plan to engage in any tomfoolery the staff at these palatial properties won’t approve of, you may not be able to stay here, but if your group is looking for class and comfort with a touch of adventure, this is the place.

A short boat ride from Cartagena are the Rosario Islands, a paradise where you’ll find secluded beaches with exotic palm trees and crystal blue waters. You can book a day trip through your hotel or a local tour company. Or, if you’re ready to invest in a luxury vacation rental, you can rent your own private island and spend the week in utter paradise.

For a longer getaway, you can fly into Panama City and sail straight to Cartagena in about five days. A few companies run these trips, which typically include meals and drinks. For about $500 per person, you’ll get to experience the magic of the Caribbean on a private sailboat just for your group.

While the city’s gorgeous architecture and stunning beaches are enough to draw tourists, it’s what happens behind the scenes that keeps Cartagena a premier destination for bachelors, wedding parties, and couples of all ages. The burgeoning number of companies offering full-service bachelor party packages has created an environment where you can have a truly epic Caribbean celebration without the stress and expense of organizing everything on your own. Bachelor party packages in Cartagena

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