Betting Shops Open Nearest to Me Now

If you love betting on sports but don’t like the hassle of logging on to an online bookmaker’s website, you might be surprised to learn that many betting shops still remain open. bookies It’s a great option if you want to place a bet in a hurry, watch a race or soak up some atmosphere amongst fellow punters.

Betting Shops Near Me

There are a number of betting shops located on high streets in towns and cities across Ireland. They are often run by one of the large gambling chains, such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Boylesports and Coral.

A lot of people in Ireland still prefer to visit a betting shop for their wagers, rather than use an online betting site. This is because betting in physical stores is seen as a rite of passage for a lot of young Irish adults.

Opening hours for betting shops in Ireland

As with all retail establishments, opening times at betting shops can vary from place to place. However, most betting shops in Ireland will usually open at 10am on a weekday. Then they will continue to operate until the evening.

Gambling is a hugely popular activity in Ireland and betting shops are on a lot of the island’s high streets. These shops are owned by a variety of different gambling companies, and they tend to be run by very experienced staff.

The best way to find a betting shop in your area is to use our interactive map, which will show you the betting shops that are closest to you. All you need to do is insert your postcode or town/city and click the search button. This will return a list of the betting shops nearest to you and show you their opening times.

Betfred betting shops are open all day, every day – including Sundays!

As one of the largest betting brands in the UK, Betfred can offer their punters a much better selection of opening hours than smaller businesses. This is ideal for those who work shift patterns, or who just don’t have the time to get to the betting shop on the weekend.

Saturdays have always been a favourite day to bet for the British public, and Betfred’s extensive opening times make it easy for punters to enjoy a Saturday wager as they like.

There are more than 1,500 Betfred stores throughout the country, and they all open between 8am and 9pm on Saturdays – so there’s something for everyone!

While some shops do close earlier on Saturdays, most of them remain open until at least 9pm, meaning you can bet as late as you want.

Ladbrokes has over 300 betting shops in the UK, and you can visit any of them to place a bet on anything from a horse race to a football match. You can also try out their virtual betting, where you can place a bet without even leaving your home.

The majority of Ladbrokes betting shops are open to people over 18 years old, but you should always check the opening hours of a particular shop before you go to ensure it’s legal in your area. They may ask you to present ID to verify your age before you can place a bet.

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