Breast Milk Leak Catcher

Breast milk leaks are common during breastfeeding and usually go away on their own at some point. Various products have been developed to deal with the issue of milk leakage during breastfeeding, including breast pads that are worn in your bra and catch leaks (or drips) so they don’t get on your clothes. Another option is a breast milk leak catcher which is a collection shell that sits in your bra and actively collects letdown and leaking milk rather than simply soaking it up.

This milk collector works in a similar way to a pump by employing light suction to maximise the amount of leakage it can collect and is similar in size to a small nursing pad so won’t be noticeable under your clothes. It can be used in place of a regular breast pad, and is reusable, making it more environmentally-friendly than disposables.

Using the milk leak catcher is simple – rinse and wipe it before use, then apply by inverting the top and centering it over your nipple and areola and compressing to create suction. Some mothers find they can skip the invert step and simply apply by squeezing both sides of the collection container to centre it over their nipple and areola.

Once the milk collector is in place, it can be emptied and transferred into a storage bag or bottle through a convenient pouring hole in the bottom of the container. Milk can also be stored in the milk catcher overnight, but it’s recommended that you empty it before sleeping as milk that’s been at room temperature for more than four hours cannot be fed to baby (CDC). It is made of skin-friendly, soft and flexible silicone and is completely BPA, lead and phthalates free. breast milk leak catcher

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