Button Head Fasteners

Button head is a fastener type with a domed-shaped head and a recessed counter bore in the middle where you can insert a screwdriver or wrench to tighten and loosen them. This unique design allows you to use these bolts in industrial and domestic applications where there are high torque requirements and you want to avoid them becoming loose over time.

These screws are often confused with pan head or socket cap screws, but they are quite different. Pan head screws have a flat top with a rounded outer edge and straight sides, while button heads are domed with a small button in the centre. Pan heads are typically used in soft materials like wood and plastic, while button head screws are more common for hard materials such as metal. The main difference between the two types is that cap screws are stronger than button heads and provide a larger bearing surface that can hold down more weight, but button head screws offer a more finished appearance.

The recessed counter bore on the head of a button bolt makes it easy to grip and manipulate with tools like Allen keys. They also offer greater resistance to loosening and tightening, so they are a great choice for applications that require strong, reliable fasteners that can withstand a lot of stress.

A button head is usually countersunk into the surrounding material, allowing it to sit flush with the surface and avoid protruding out of the final product. They are commonly used in furniture assembly and car manufacturing. Choosing the right head for your project is important, and there are many options available.

While there are many benefits of using button head screws, they do have some disadvantages as well. The large head of the screw can sometimes interfere with tightening and loosening, especially if you’re working in a tight space where it might get stuck or snag on something. Also, they don’t distribute force as evenly as other screw heads such as pan or socket caps, so they may not be suitable for all fastening applications.

The most common uses for these screws are in automotive, electronics, and machinery assemblies due to their durability and raised dome shape that protects the threads from damage. They have a clean, featureless head with no stamping or markings that give them a professional finish and make them more visually appealing.

Metric & Multistandard offers a range of different button socket cap screws, including ISO 7380 Button Flange Socket Head Cap Screws in Property Class 10.9 and A2. Our range of button head socket cap screws has a wide variety of finishes to suit your needs.

If you need a screw with a larger head that can handle more stress, consider our range of button head socket cap screws. They are designed for light fastening applications and have a lower head height than standard socket cap screws, making them less likely to snag or catch on moving machinery. They have a domed head with a wider bearing surface, but they are not as strong as standard socket head cap screws and should be used with caution in applications that will require heavy load capacity.

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