Cashmere Shawls Provide Luxury and Richness

Cashmere shawls have been produced for thousands of years.

Since the Kashmir goat in which the material comes from is native to the far east, it was not popularized in Europe until Napoleon brought the fabulous garment into fashion. They are still specialty items in counties like Indian and Tibet, but mass production has brought them to stores worldwide.

Most people know that cashmere is soft and beautiful. They also know it can be expensive. What most people don’t realize is how timeless, warm, and durable the fabric can be! Often when mentioning you speak of a cashmere cape, people jump to a very old, fuddy-duddy piece of outerwear. Today they have become extremely popular and fashionable. The material is lightweight and drapes beautifully. This makes it a great choice no matter how frigid the weather becomes. Ponchos are also very forgiving if worn properly and can look great whether your figure is boyish or plus sized.

Since they are so popular and have been for many years, you may find one that isn’t as expensive as you may first think. Vintage shops and second-hand stores are a great source to search for pieces that fit right into your budget. When you purchase used cashmere, look carefully at the tags and the wear. Cashmere is durable if taken care of properly, but it almost impossible to repair once the damage is done. Make sure the label states that it is 100% cashmere or possibly even cashmere’s even richer cousin, pashmina. Look for staining. They typically have to be dry cleaned or hand washed and stains are often very difficult to remove. Examine the edges of it carefully. If you find the edge is tattered or rough, you may be better to invest in a new item instead.

While a solid, neutral color is a good basic piece, you may decide to purchase more elaborate cashmere shawls diamond weave cleaning cloth. They can be found in a wide array of colors and sizes. The fringing and other edge designs can also be quite different from piece to piece. Some shawls also incorporate embroidery and specialty weaves to make your shawl completely unique and detailed. Many Indian shawls use gold or silver thread to embroider patterns or other fine details into the shawl, creating a look fit for royalty. Special weaves can add minute detail to your garment instantly increasing its appeal. Some to look for are herringbone and diamond.

Cashmere shawls are also available in most any pattern you would find in more inexpensive knits. Plaids can be very sexy or very conservative depending on the rest of your attire. If you choose a shawl that is produced from a thicker cashmere yarn, you can get the thickness and weight you would expect from wool or cotton, but it is much more soft and drapes better. To make sure you spend your money wisely, pick a cheaper shawl that you know you love and look for it in a cashmere variety. This will ensure the piece is something you will love to wear for many years to come!

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