Cheap Holiday Destinations From Australia

A lot of people assume that travelling overseas is too expensive for them, but the truth is that a cheap holiday is possible. The key is to plan carefully, and to choose a destination that suits your tastes and budget.

One of the cheapest destinations from Australia is Bali in Indonesia, which is home to stunning beaches and world-famous cuisine. Families can enjoy a range of activities including waterparks and beachfront accommodation, while couples can indulge in luxurious massages and yoga retreats. Solo travellers will love the relaxed vibe, and can find affordable accommodation that includes concierge services.

Another cheap destination from Australia is Thailand, which is famous for its exotic wildlife and stunning beaches. While the most well-known resort locations such as Phuket and Koh Samui are popular, many visitors don’t realise that the capital of Bangkok is also worth a visit. The city is full of temples, restaurants and shopping opportunities, and a trip to the iconic Wat Pho and Wat Arun temples is highly recommended.

A third cheap travel option is India, which can be a fascinating and challenging destination to visit. While the flight prices are high, once you arrive in Delhi the cost of living is surprisingly low. A month here can be enjoyed for less than $1000AUD, and this includes the cost of food, travel and accommodation.

Western Australia is the dusty wonderland of Australia, and it can be an incredibly affordable destination. The main reason is that accommodation is cheaper outside of the high season, which is between December and February. There are a variety of things to do on the coast and inland, including whale watching, beach combing, and exploring the World Heritage-listed paradise of K’gari.

New Zealand is another great destination for an inexpensive holiday, especially if you avoid the high season of December to February. Queenstown in particular can be quite expensive, but the 3.5-hour direct flights from Australia are competitive and there is a good choice of budget accommodation available. There are a number of affordable outdoor activities to enjoy, including walking trails and skiing during winter.

A final cheap travel option is Fiji, which is known for its secluded beaches and lush tropical landscapes. The cheapest months to visit are March, April, May and November. A ten-night getaway here will cost less than $2000AUD, and this can include flights, accommodation and activities such as horse riding or bungee jumping. There are plenty of snorkelling, diving and walking tours to try out, too. You can also visit a Fijian village and learn about the traditional way of life, or relax with a massage in a local spa. cheap holiday destinations from Australia

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