Dental Equipment For Sale – How to Find Quality Used Dental Equipment

A successful system for dealing with used, unwanted or excess equipment can save a practice money and time. Many offices try to handle their own sales of unused equipment, but this often proves to be an inefficient and costly process. In addition, storing unused equipment can cause additional depreciation and storage costs, while strict regulations on disposal can lead to fines. Using a company that has an established and efficient process to sell used dental equipment can help a practice avoid these issues.

Ayat Huseen helps practices and dental service organizations reclaim space by appraising, consulting and selling their excess or used equipment. She has extensive experience with the buying, selling and trading of dental equipment in the United States and across the globe. She is the owner of TacomaQuickSale LLC, a company that appraises, consults and leads dental practices through the entire sale of their idle equipment.

Patterson Dental

As the largest dental supplier on the market, Patterson has a wide selection of products to choose from. They also offer financing options for large purchases, which can be helpful for growing practices on a budget. In addition to their vast product offering, Patterson offers a number of other benefits, including a dedicated customer support team and free continuing education courses.

Scott’s Dental Supply is another large dental supplier with a great online shopping experience. Their website is easy to navigate, and they cater to a wide variety of markets, including not-for-profits, group practices and public health programs. They also offer a number of specials and discounts, as well as a quick-order feature that allows users to save time by ordering common products in bulk. However, their prices are sometimes more expensive than other suppliers’, and their shipping fees can be high. dental equipment for sale

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