EBPP and a Utility Payment Solution

A utility payment solution is one that allows for convenient, secure, and streamlined payments in exchange for vital services such as electric, gas, or water. In the past, utility companies would have to rely on traditional forms of payments like checks sent via mail or called in by phone. Now, customers are demanding digital options that make it easier to pay their bills.

An EBPP platform with adaptable payment methods can help utilities meet this demand and deliver the kind of customer experience that today’s consumers have come to expect. This can include easy-to-use, secure online portals for checking account balances and making payments, as well as a number of other channels that allow clients to pay on the go – such as SMS or voice-driven payments (e.g., Amazon Alexa) – or even automated payments through chatbots.

To set up an EBPP product that can process utility payments, you must specify a number of attributes and specifications for the product in the UP Product Definition screen. For example, you can indicate that the UP product should be used for processing payments made in favor of a certain utility provider institution, by attaching the appropriate accounts details to the product. You can also specify any user-defined fields that will be required during entry of transactions involving the product, and map any MIS details to the product for the purpose of data collection.

As high-profile cyberattacks continue to occur, it’s important for any business – including utility companies – to have a payment system that is PCI compliant. That way, they can be sure that their customers’ sensitive payment information is being protected while they make their non-discretionary purchases. utility payment solution

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