Employee Communication Apps

In a world where workers are on their smartphones at seemingly all hours, it’s important that you communicate company news to them through channels they use. That’s where employee communication apps shine. These tools enable you to keep your team in the loop on company-wide announcements, encourage collaboration and build a sense of community. They also help you reduce employee turnover, which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Choosing the best employee communication app starts with understanding your goals. Some are ideal for disseminating business news, while others offer chat functionality and allow you to target specific groups of employees. Also, consider your budget because some employee communication apps can be more expensive than others.

Staffbase is a popular employee communication app that can be deployed as a mobile application or desktop tool and is accessible on iOS, Android and web devices. It features a social wall that allows workers to share posts and receive notifications when they’re viewed or commented on. It also includes a news feed where admins can publish content to different targeted groups. In addition, the tool provides a content publishing studio that makes it easy for admins to create and organize articles, as well as a people directory and a live chat feature that allows workers to connect with one another quickly and easily. It’s also possible for admins to ask staff to acknowledge messages in the news feed.

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