Exploring Erogenous Zones With Nipple Clamps

If you’re into the kink of exploring erogenous zones, it only makes sense to add a nipple clamp or two to your tool kit. These sex toys apply to the base of the nipples to pinch and restrict blood flow, which heightens sensation in this sensitive area, a sex educator for adult toy store Babeland tells Bustle. Nipple clamps can be used solo for an intense masturbation session or in partnered play as a hands-free toy.

Though nipple clamps often conjure images of a Dominatrix torturing a submissive, they can also be an effective source of pleasure for the wearer. The pinching can feel intense or mild, depending on your preference, and the heightened sensitivity created by the clamps creates a new level of sexual stimulation. They can also be used to explore temperature play, which many people find highly satisfying.

Nipple clamps are also an easy and safe way to experience nipple pinching for the first time. “It’s a great idea to practice on your own and learn how much pressure you can tolerate as well as what type of sensation you enjoy, before trying them out with a partner,” Fous says. “As always, it’s best to communicate with your partner and use a slow approach so you don’t hurt yourself.”

There are several different types of nipple clamps available, including a more basic option that looks like a clothespin. For a little more intensity, you can try a bare metal version or a pair with a silicone tip that feels less painful on the nipples. If you have sensitive skin, consider getting a nickel-free pair to avoid a possible allergic reaction. For a more luxurious experience, you can even get a set with built-in vibrators that deliver a ton of sensation.

Some nipple clamps are designed to be worn for longer periods of time, which can become intensely pleasurable if the nipples are pushed hard enough. But it’s important to remember that nipple clamps restrict blood flow, so if you leave them on for too long you can cause nerve damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to start slow, with an adjustable pair of nipple clamps on the loosest setting, and work your way up.

Nipple clamps can also be used to explore kink-related bondage between partners, such as predicament bondage. A dominatrix can restrain a submissive by placing the clamps over her nipples and pulling them down. Then, she can play with the nipples, suck them, lick them, or tease them. Some nipple clamps even come with feather ticklers for extra sensation.

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