Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves
A reliable and economical way to control the flow of liquids or gases, these explosion proof valves feature an electric actuator that turns electrical energy into mechanical torque to rotate the cylinder. The electric actuator is housed in an explosion-proof housing, preventing the formation of sparks or high temperatures which would otherwise ignite any flammable substance present in the surrounding environment.

Available in one-piece or two-piece models, LFEMVII-6400SS 2-Piece Bronze, Standard Port, Lead Free* Electric Motor Valves offer a full range of options, including visual position indicator and manual override. These valves feature a 316 stainless steel ball and stem, Durafill(r) PTFE seats, stem packing, thrust washer and an adjustable packing nut. The PTFE seats and stem are abrasion resistant, making these valves ideal for applications in which the media comes into direct contact with the piping.

L-Port, Lead Free* Electric Actuated 3-Way Diverter Valve
A versatile and cost effective solution for industrial and commercial wash-down applications, this lead free* 2-way LFFBVS-3C-CC stainless steel ball valve has a full port orifice to ensure maximum flow capacity, while the PTFE seats, stem packing and body seal prevent leakage. Suitable for a wide variety of liquids and gases, this valve is also rated for a high operating pressure and temperature limit.

For residential gas piping, these NFPA-approved LFBV-1 1-Piece Brass Gas Ball Valves are a convenient option for home improvement projects such as replacing a corroded shutoff valve in your gas piping system. These gas ball valves are designed to be used for natural or LP gas in residential piping systems, and they meet ANSI standards and UL and CSA approvals. The LFBV-1 is available with a full port orifice for maximum flow capacity, and it can be installed with a 3/4″ hose end or soldered into place with the supplied threading. Explosion Proof Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves

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