Extra Features, Extra Reliability in a Professional-Grade Registry Cleaner

The controversy over the value of registry cleaners has subsided as almost all the experts agree, yes, you need a user-friendly professional grade registry cleaner to keep your PC running as it should. The adjectives determine your choice of which registry cleaner will work best for your machine and situation: “User-friendly” is a must, and “professional grade” assures you get all the power and protection you need.

Like wind power and quantum physics, the theory informing your professional-grade registry cleaner is simple: Every time you adjust a setting, preference, or application, and every time you download a file from the world-wide web, you change the configuration in your file registry-the place where your computer remembers your vital information. Every change makes it slightly more difficult for your central processing unit to find the information it needs. Your professional grade file registry cleaner clears damaged and obsolete files and fragments, so that your CPU can go swiftly, directly to the data it needs. The technicalities of “file trees” and DLLs demand advanced degrees in information science, and all the manuals strongly caution you should not attempt to clean or repair your file registry.

Why not the freebies?
Because viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and scareware proliferate almost at the speed of light, security software has become not only every PC user’s very serious concern but also a very big business. Software producers, therefore, offer thirty and sixty day trials of their registry cleaner as a way of developing your brand recognition and loyalty. If you use your PC more as a glorified typewriter than as the al-purpose life-and-work manager it now can become, you may get by with the freeware.

If, however, you spend a great deal of time on the internet, and especially if you frequently visit YouTube and play FarmVille, please, skip the freeware and advance directly to the professional grade security suite and registry cleaner your everyday use demands. YouTube and Facebook have grown notorious for modifying your file registry. Creating just one YouTube playlist and enjoying a few Facebook selections on which you have turned thumbs-up may generate as many as 150 file registry changes which must be cleaned-up and reconciled in order to assure that your more ordinary apps-like your word processor, for example-still run at full speed.

Why the professional model?
Feature for feature, a professional grade file registry cleaner costs very little more than the average-ordinary ho-hum model, and it provides greater speed, accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Using the professional grade registry cleaner, you can pre-set the majority of your routine maintenance, so that the software operates when you generally are not using your computer. You also can set a time each day for the software to update its definitions and settings, so that downloads do not interrupt the progress of your work. Most importantly, though, the more high-powered the program the easier the user-interface. The best programs now come with one-click welcome screens, and they prompt you through all your choices among functions. buy youtube favorites

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