Face Swap – How to Make a Face-Swap Photo

The lines between reality and fantasy can get a little blurry with face swap, a photo trend where you change the faces in photos. With the help of facial recognition, it’s easier than ever to swap your own head with a celebrity or animal, mash up your friends’ faces, or even make a wacky meme.

To use this Photoshop technique, first find two photos that have similar lighting and features. You should also pay attention to the location of shadows on both models’ heads. The easiest photos to work with will have minimal shadows and soft lighting. Once you have the photos you want to use, open them in Photoshop by clicking CTRL+O (COMMAND+O on Mac).

In the face detection and alignment stage, a CNN is used to examine each frame and identify the location of the face. This data is then fed into the face decoder, which can construct a realistic face from latent space. The final image is generated by combining the decoder output with the mask, which is merged with the original photo.

With this face-swapping tool, you can create any type of image, from selfies to wedding photos. You can even use it to create hilarious memes and GIFs by pasting your face onto famous movie characters. You can swap your head with a cat, become Wednesday Addams, or morph into any other character you like! face swap

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