Flat Head Screw – The Woodworker’s Friend

The flat head screw is the woodworker’s friend. It holds together cabinets, bookcases, stair treads and tabletops. You also find these screws holding the outlet covers you see in your home to the receptacles behind them. And, flat head screws are very common in electrical work.

They are called flat head because the top of the screw head is flat and can be countersunk into a surface so it doesn’t protrude. This gives a finished look to the fastener installation. The screws with countersunk heads are often used in products where a flush finish is important, such as tools, machinery and industrial hardware.

These screws can be driven by a standard screwdriver, but it is important that the screwdriver tip size matches the width and length of the screwhead slot. A tip that is too big can damage the head of the screw and strip the threads. A tip that is too small can be difficult to turn.

The simplest way to ensure that your flat head screw will fit properly is to pre-drill a pilot hole before driving in a new screw or tightening an existing one. This helps to prevent the screw from slipping out of position and can make it easier to get the right tool in place to drive or remove it. It is also a good idea to choose a screw with a smooth, rounded head to minimize the amount of pressure applied to the screwdriver handle. This can help to reduce fatigue on the hands as well as increase the life of the screwdriver. Flat Head Screw

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