Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is effective cleaning which protects health without harming the environment. Green cleaning is about maintaining and improving cleanliness and supporting infection control while protecting workers and the environment from the risks posed by cleaning materials and processes. Green cleaning products are available,Guest Posting effective, and affordable. Green cleaning materials also are no more expensive than the more mainstream variety household chemicals. Green cleaning doesn’t just mean reducing impact on the environment, it focus’s on improving air quality because contaminants are typically at least two to five times worse indoors than outdoors. Green cleaning protects your family from unseen dangers in your home such as harmful fumes. Whether you clean your office yourself or use a contracted cleaning service, switching to green cleaning products can help your business decrease its environmental impact and create a healthier workspace. Green cleaning is a total approach that not only uses safer cleaning solutions but also equipment and procedures that do not endanger you, your family or your pets. Poor quality indoor air can produce health effects ranging from headaches and dry eyes to nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Whatever choices you make about your cleaning supplies, there is a huge variety of environmentally friendly choices for those interested in green cleaning. Health care facilities throughout the country have successfully implemented green cleaning programs while maintaining the efficacy of their infection control efforts. Has your facility successfully implemented a green cleaning program? Green cleaning can reduce employee sick days and help with employee morale and retention. Using green cleaning products in homes, childcare centers, houses of worship and schools are a simple, effective step to reducing unnecessary toxic exposures to growing children. Everyone can make the switch to green cleaning. Within the past five years, green cleaning supplies also have become more effective, less expensive, and more readily available. Through product innovation and an understanding of our customers’ green cleaning efforts, we have developed the most complete line of green floor cleaning equipment in the industry. Typical procedures for green cleaning programs will include ensuring the chemical has proper dwell time so that soil is thoroughly removed using fewer products. After years spent hovering just below the radar, green cleaning and cleaning for health movements have exploded — thanks in part to an increasing concern for the environments in which we live. You can make a green cleaning kit to use around your house. Since the green cleaning methods are just as good as toxic cleaning, why would you risk cleaning any other way? Environment In keeping with our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality and environmentally responsible facilities services solutions, we have launched a Green Clean program. Our clients reap the benefits from green cleaning by attracting and retaining occupants, differentiating themselves from the competition and enjoying the health and environmental benefits. But just as organic and all-natural foods are becoming more mainstream, other products — such as cleaning supplies — are becoming more environmentally friendly and more available. A growing number of commercial non-toxic home cleaning products are also available, as healthier and environmentally responsible alternatives Asthma attacks are caused by triggers that include allergens, gases and airborne particles, so cleaning plays a very important role in controlling the indoor environment. Going green is a process, and can’t be done in one fell swoop by even the most committed environmentalist. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to desire a healthy workplace and home for yourself. Most store-bought polishes contain solvents harmful to the environment. At Kastle Klean we will clean your home or office with our combined eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and our proven green cleaning methods. To provide our clients with the best quality green cleaning services, we have selected an established line of green cleaning products, as well testing and purchasing new products. . “Cleaning contractors play a very important role in [a healthy indoor environment],” says Troy Foote, owner of Kastle Klean Janitorial. Using green cleaning products that are non-toxic, organic and/or natural will greatly reduce your exposure to harmful products in your home or office and protect your family and employees from the adverse health effects. Since the green cleaning methods are just as good as toxic cleaning, why would you risk cleaning any other way? Kastle Klean offers eco safe cleaning products and green cleaning methods to ensure only the best for our employees and clients. You can trust the highly trained and uniformed staff at Kastle Klean to bring you the highest quality green cleaning services available today. We are dedicated to providing you with safe, effective green cleaning solutions. To learn more about green cleaning and the services that we offer please visit our website today. deep cleaning services

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