Health and Safety Awareness Course

A health and safety awareness course is a training program that introduces workers to workplace hazards and best practices. It may be mandatory for certain industries and professions or offered voluntarily as part of a company’s efforts to create a safe work environment. By completing this course, employees can improve the overall well-being of themselves and those around them, reduce workplace accidents, and enhance productivity.

This e-learning course provides workers with information about their rights and duties as employees, common workplace hazards, and ways to protect themselves from harm. It meets the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for basic occupational health and safety awareness training described in O. Reg. 297/13.

For those who work in the food industry, this course provides an introduction to the main issues in food hygiene, including the definition of hazard, the key steps in a risk assessment and control measures. It also covers how to deal with a potential problem and what to do in an emergency situation.

For those working in the construction industry, this CITB-approved training helps you understand the basic health and safety steps you and your employer should take when starting on a new site or project. It explains the roles of a supervisor, contractor and joint health and safety committee member as well as the role of the site and the employer. The course is written in plain English and includes illustrations and practical guidance. health and safety awareness course

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