How to Create a Youtube Playlist

YouTube is a great platform for businesses to create and share videos to attract customers. One way to increase engagement on your YouTube channel is to curate video playlists that tell a story or cover a specific topic. These playlists can also be used to optimize your YouTube videos for search, as they provide a more comprehensive description of a particular topic than just the title and video thumbnail. These playlists can also be shared on social media platforms and via a link, which increases the potential reach of your content.

When creating a youtube playlist, it’s important to consider how the order of your videos will impact the viewer’s experience. Ensure that the videos you choose are relevant to each other and fit together in an intuitive way. This will help to keep viewers engaged and may even lead them to watch more of your videos. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include an intro video for your playlist to give viewers a sense of what the playlist is about. For example, if your playlist is about yoga, you could create an intro video where an instructor talks about the benefits of practicing yoga and welcomes all viewers to the playlist.

To start creating a playlist, log in to your YouTube account and find the Library menu on the left side of the page. Next, select Playlists to see your list of playlists. To edit a playlist, hover over it and click the pencil icon. From here, you can rename the playlist, change its privacy settings, add a description (up to 5,000 characters), and more. You can also reorder the videos in your playlist by dragging and dropping them.

You can also create a new playlist by selecting the plus icon located at the top right of the screen on desktop and mobile browsers. Then, you can either browse the search results or click the three vertical dots on any video and select “Add to Playlist.” Once you have added your first video to a playlist, you can view all of your videos by clicking the Playlists menu in the Library section.

Once you’ve created a playlist, it’s easy to share it. You can share it on your YouTube channel, on social media platforms, by email, or via a URL. You can also modify the privacy settings by hovering over the playlist and selecting Public, Private, or Unlisted. Public playlists can be viewed by anyone, while private playlists can only be accessed by the person who created it.

Another benefit of creating a youtube playlist is that it can help you target new keywords. Let’s say you have a video on how to make ratatouille and another on how to make crepes suzette. If you create a playlist called French cooking recipes, it will appear in search results and suggestions for people who haven’t watched your other videos on the subject. This will help you to capture a new audience without having to spend time creating videos on a different topic. youtube playlist

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