Information On The Progestogen Only Injection

There are several contraceptive devices available on the market,Guest Posting each of which have proven to be effective in preventing a woman from being pregnant. Some of the contraceptive methods include the progestogen-only injection, the IUD, the IUS and hormonal contraceptives. Progestogen-only injections are administered by injecting progestogen into your body in order to prevent you from getting pregnant. These injections do not contain oestrogen, one of the female hormones, which makes it suitable for women who are breastfeeding and those who are unable to use combined hormonal contraceptive pills. Statistics suggest that currently only 3% of women aged 16 to 19 years use this form of contraception.

Women also prefer to use this form of contraception in order to remain free from the hassle of remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday. The injections are administered directly into your bloodstream, where the synthetic progestogen hormone is slowly released. The progestogen that is released into your bloodstream affects the natural womb environment. It imitates the hormonal changes occurring in your body and prevents a woman from becoming pregnant. This contraceptive injection works in three different ways to prevent you from becoming pregnant. You can take the injection up to the fifth day of your period, after which you will be required to use an additional contraceptive such as condoms.

Depo-Provera – a progestogen-only injection

Depo-Provera is a type of progestogen-only injection, for administration of which you will be required to have an appointment with your doctor. The injection is administered either in the muscles of your buttock or in the upper arm. As the injection is administered, a reservoir of the hormone is created and released into your body over a period of three months. The first administration of this contraceptive injection is to be conducted within the first five days of your period. You may administer it later, but will be required to use an additional method of contraception such as condoms for protection against pregnancy.

Benefits of Depo-Provera

The major benefit of this progestogen-only injection is that it is effective for as long as 12 weeks, because of which you may experience other benefits. Women using this contraceptive injection face a reduced risk of developing cancers of ovaries or endometrium. You also face a reduced risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease. This progestogen-only injection can reduce the frequency of periods. It also gives you the benefit of not being seen or felt like other long-term reversible contraceptives such as the IUD. plastic injection

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