Inspirational Rings

Inspirational rings are more than just beautiful accessories; they can help inspire the wearer and remind them of their goals or values. Many brands use visual symbolism to create inspirational jewelry, including the infinity sign to represent eternal life and the lotus flower to symbolize purity and enlightenment. Other designers incorporate words and phrases to encourage their audience. For example, MantraBand offers bracelets and rings that feature motivating quotes like “choose joy” or “hope” to remind their wearers to keep pushing toward their goals.

The ancients also created spiritual jewelry that inspired their followers. The most common type of ring was the signet, a forged ring that featured the owner’s name or title in hieroglyphics carved into its bezel. Other mystical types of ring included memorial rings, which carried the inscription or an effigy of a dead person; posy rings that held a written note or a few lines of poetry; and talisman rings, which were supposed to have mystical powers.

In the 19th century, the distinction between a signet and other types of ring had mostly broken down, and manufacturers began creating pieces that used different metals and embellishments to convey a more personal message. For example, talisman rings could be engraved with the word “luck,” while memorial rings incorporated the name and dates of deceased family members. Other talismans featured symbols and designs that were important to the wearer’s faith or lifestyle, including hearts, clovers, skulls, the om symbol, or crucifixes. inspirational rings

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