Massage Chair For Spas and Nail Salons

Getting a spa pedicure at the nail salon is a luxurious treat. Clients are given white fluffy towels, are offered beverages such as water, tea or fruit infused waters and even wine for those with an adventurous palate. They may be offered magazines or music during their appointment and they receive a soothing foot massage. Many spas also provide a full hand massage and manicure in addition to the foot pedicure.

The cleanliness of the spa and nail bar is extremely important to the customer’s overall experience. Nail stations are sanitized after every client and tools are sterilized between clients. The massage chair is another key component to the experience and many customers are willing to pay extra for a sturdier, more comfortable chair with added features such as a foot or back massage.

There are a few different styles of pedicure chairs available on the market today. There are the traditional piped-in models that will require a plumber for installation and there are the more modern, portable pipeless pedicure chairs that do not have a tub but use a sanitary removable liner for the basin. These chairs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the technician more flexibility for movement and they are much easier to clean.

The Episode LX from J&A is a great example of this new generation of portable pipeless pedicure chairs. They come in a variety of colors and feature a high-end synthetic PU leather that can stand up to years of abuse and stains. They have a full-function shiatsu massage with a remote that the client can control, making them an excellent choice for spas and salons.

Another option for a portable pipeless pedicure chair is the Camellia 1 model from Human Touch. This model uses the company’s state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back system which can be controlled with a remote. This is a fantastic feature that will put your salon ahead of the competition and give your clients a truly relaxing experience.

Other popular options for a portable pedicure chair are the Belava Elevate and the Collins 62478 Cielo. Both offer a triple-basin configuration and have stainless steel removable liners that can be used for one or more clients. These are ideal for large salons that want to maximize the number of clients they can serve.

Despite their portability, these models do not have the extra features of the Episode LX such as a tool tray, adjustable arm rests or a headrest. They do offer a lot of storage for the tools though which is an advantage. They also have a convenient built-in hose management system and a quick release drain to make cleaning the bowls a simple task. Pedicure Chair Massaging Spa

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