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The best moving companies make their prices clear to customers. Whether you’re getting an online quote or an in-person estimate, it should include all the factors that influence a move’s cost. From the size of your home to extra services and stairs, each little detail counts. The more you know, the better leverage you have when negotiating your move’s price.

Most online estimating tools ask for information about the size of your home, number of bedrooms, and distance to your destination. The tool will then use that information to calculate your move’s estimated weight. Some tools even factor in vehicle relocation and the amount of packing materials needed. This type of instant ballpark quoting is great for homeowners who need a rough prediction of their move’s cost before hiring movers.

Online quotes are also helpful because they allow consumers to shop around and identify red flags more easily. For example, if a mover refuses to perform an in-home survey or requires a large deposit upfront, that’s a major red flag. Another is if the moving company doesn’t offer insurance or charges extra for certain services, like disassembly and assembly of furniture.

Once a customer provides the necessary information, the mover will usually contact them via email or phone to confirm the details and ask if they have any questions. Then, the mover will provide a written estimate. It should contain a nonbinding quote with the moving company’s best guess of the costs, and you can choose to sign it or not. If you choose to accept it, the movers will honor that price at the time of your move, as long as nothing changes. If you want more control over the cost of your move, request a binding-not-to-exceed quote.

Along with the estimate, your mover should give you a full inventory list of all items to be moved. This is sometimes called a cube sheet or table of measurements and should be accurate to the item level. Ask the movers about their policy on charging by weight, as well as any additional service options. Some movers charge per cubic foot while others are bound by law to charge by weight.

Lastly, be sure to get a written copy of your mover’s basic liability coverage and any full-value coverage you chose. Some movers also offer additional protections, such as a guaranteed replacement value or storage-in-transit coverage. Make sure to read the fine print of these policies to ensure that you’re aware of the cost and terms. Some movers may require you to pay 110% of the quoted price at the time of delivery, while others will only charge what is actually delivered. Getting reviews on sites like Yelp is an important way to build your brand, but it can be difficult for busy movers to remember to ask every happy or unhappy customer for feedback. An automated system that reminds customers to leave reviews can save you valuable time and increase your review volume. moving quotes instant

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