Nail Salon Equipment – General Nail Salon Equipment Information

Nail salon equipment are generally used by many nail salons, spas, beauty parlors, and are also used in places that offer manicures and pedicures. They range from very basic, cost-friendly equipment to extremely expensive high end ones that include the latest features. It is in a salon owner who is just starting out or likes simplicity to buy used equipment. When buying used equipment it can give buyers great savings but they should also make sure that all the features such as adjustment mechanisms and electrical parts are in perfect working order. The most common pieces of nail salon equipment are manicure tables, nail dryers, and a padded seat with a foot spa that are usually used with a technicians stool.

Manicure System Features, Prices and Information

A manicure table looks almost like a common desk and it provides the nail technician with a solid surface area to work on the customers nails. The most basic of manicure tables come with a storage area, swivel casters and hand rests that are padded for the clients comfort. The most advanced of tables come with vents, polish racks and also include electrical outlets. For durability and to make cleaning easier, they are usually made of a wood laminate. The price depends on retailer, features and what the table is made of; this price can vary from between $100 to $1000. Nail dryers are also used in conjunction with the manicure table to allow the client to dry their fingers after their manicure.

Pedicure System Features, Prices and Information

Padded seats with foot spas are usually used to give the clients pedicures. It is commonly seen in nail salons that offer pedicure services. Pedicure chairs are designed for the clients comfort while the nail technician gives them their pedicure. Pedicure chairs are often padded and come with a back massager built in. They are attached to foot spas where the client can soak their feet before getting their pedicure. For the clients’ relaxation, these foot spas often include jets that provide foot and lower leg massages. A low stool for the technician is also used in conjunction with the pedicure system. They are often easily adjustable so that the technician can face the client at an appropriate level for nail treatment. The price of a new pedicure system usually ranges from $3000 to $4000, although used systems can be found at lower prices.

General Information on Other Nail Salon Supplies

Other supplies often used in nail salons include nail polish, soaking solution, nail files, lotions, cuticle pushers, tweezers, cuticle softener, abrasives, pumice sponges or stones, acrylic nails and nail buffers. Nail salons usually also use toe and finger separators to make easier for the client to keep from ruining their manicure or pedicure. These can all be found in reasonable prices and are usually sold in kits. With these supplies it is more important to use new rather then used supplies as it could cause the client to have an infection. Accessoires de manucure et de pédicure

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