Nusa Penida Package Tour

Nusa Penida is a small island with big things to offer. From breathtaking vistas to incredible sea life, this tiny paradise has it all.

This tour packs in 4 of the most favorite and popular attractions at West side of nusa penida, including Angel Billabong Beach, Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay Beach. The azure waters at these beaches are sure to take your breath away. Capture jaw-dropping photographs that encapsulate the beauty of these pristine shores and their dramatic rock formations.

You can also explore cultural intrigue by taking a stroll at Peguyangan Beach, home to a mesmerizing blue stairway that leads down to the seashore. As you descend the azure-hued steps, feel a spiritual connection as you pass by the sacred shrines along the way. Once you reach the beach, bask in the refreshing ocean breeze for a truly unique experience.

If you are looking for more adventure, rent a scooter or motorbike to travel around the island at your own pace. You’ll be able to cover more ground, make quick stops as you please, and avoid the crowded buses on the main roads.

Make sure to bring a bathing suit and some comfortable shoes, as you’ll want to take a dip in the crystal clear water of many of the beaches and attractions. You’ll also want to pack some sun lotion, a hat, and sunglasses to protect your skin from the sun. You can rent snorkeling gear on the boat, but bringing your own is cheaper and more convenient. nusa penida package tour

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