Orthodontics in Woodland Hills

Orthodontics in Woodland Hills
When you want your teenager to have the perfect smile, it is important to partner with a board-certified orthodontist that will treat and correct their dental issues. Orthodontics can straighten teeth, improve facial shape, and align the jaws to enhance a person’s appearance and confidence. During the teenage years, permanent teeth have fully emerged, making it an ideal time to start treatment for any issues with their smile.

Whether your teenager has issues with overcrowded or over-extended teeth, Dr. Nooshi Akavan will be able to assist them with orthodontic treatment and solutions for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. She is a full-service orthodontist that offers traditional metal braces, as well as clear braces. She also offers additional appliances such as expanders and habit appliances to assist in severe bite correction. She is a certified Invisalign provider and has extensive experience treating teens with complex orthodontic needs.

Invisalign can be used for adults as well as children, and there are no age limits for getting a straighter smile. However, the most efficient way to use Invisalign is when treatment is initiated early. By identifying problems with the smile and bite while the patient is still growing, the orthodontist can create an ideal result with less discomfort.

If you’re looking for a board-certified orthodontist in Woodland Hills, look no further than Dr. Sonali Rehil. She is an experienced orthodontist with a passion for giving her patients beautiful smiles. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California Irvine, and then earned her DDS degree at the UCLA School of Dentistry. She is also fluent in Farsi. Orthodontics in Woodland Hills

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