Pringle – Pride of Scotland

The brand Pringle of Scotland has long been a part of the fashion industry. The prominence of the brand has been appreciated by the likes of world-known soccer player David Beckham, Oscar award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, world-class supermodel Claudia Schiffer, and the British bands known as The Twang, The Kooks, and Dirty Pretty Things.

The company has branches in both Sloane Street and Bond Street of London, as well as in both Taiwan and Japan. There are also retail stores that sell Pringle of Scotland socks in both Milan, Italy and New York, USA.

Boasting of premium quality Cashmere socks, Argyle socks, and Golf socks, the brand goes a long way back to the year 1815. The founder of the company was Robert Pringle, who established the foundations of his empire in the borders of Scotland. Even to this day, the production of all items manufactured by the company takes place in the factory based in Hawick.

During the first few years of operations, the company focused on producing underwear and hosiery. But as early as 1870, Pringle had already been in the midst of producing cashmere.

In 1934, the position of full time designer was awarded to Otto Weisz, and it was under such direction that the trademark argyle pattern and the twinset were developed. The argyle pattern, in particular, went on to become the signature pattern of the company, and was dominantly appreciated and used by the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, and Gene Simmons.

The 1980’s and the 1990’s saw quite a bit of a turnaround for the company, especially when it came to sportswear and leisurewear. With the sponsorship of world-class golf players Colin Montgomery and Nick Faldo from Great Britain, more and more sportswear and leisurewear items were developed under the brand. Old and new fans found the newly developed products more appealing, and the product line became stronger for Pringle of Scotland. With the onset of 2000, chief executive Kim Winser helped the company become even stronger with her brand vision and strategic practices. It did not take long for Winser to strengthen the company’s hold on the industry as a premier luxury fashion retailer of international standards.

As of 2005, the company is now being headed by Clare Wright Keller. Keller now holds the esteemed position of Creative Director. Under the creative prowess of Keller, Pringle of Scotland still practices its standards of bringing to the world the best in Argyle socks, Golf socks, and Cashmere socks. mypopsox

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