Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

A rockwell hardness tester for sale is a device that measures the hardness of metal materials. It does this by measuring the force that is required to make an impression in the surface of a material using a tool, such as a diamond cone or a steel ball, which is then compared with a pre-load test. The test results are then recorded and classified according to the Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers scales. A hardness tester can also be used to determine the degree of deformation in a sample and is ideal for use on brittle or crystalline materials.

The Rockwell hardness tester is one of the most popular methods of testing and can be used to measure a wide range of material types. It uses a diamond cone or penetrating steel ball to test materials with varying loads and can be used for both soft and hard metals. It is however, more accurate with metals over 650 HB/30. The Brinell method is similar to the Rockwell test but uses a spherical indenter that distributes pressure more evenly. This makes it ideal for testing metals of all types and produces more reliable results than the Rockwell test.

Grainger offers a variety of hardness testers for determining the quality and strength of metal parts. These include traditional analog and digital models as well as portable hardness testers that offer a range of testing functions. The Rockwell testers can test all of the regular Rockwell scales as well as a few others. Brinell testers can be used to test steel parts including castings and forgings. Vickers testers can help assess the hardness of small precision parts, thin materials and wires while Leebs testers are capable of determining the case depth in a sample.

Our collection of rockwell hardness tester for sale includes a number of different models from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. These range from low cost analog models that are perfect for small production runs to advanced, fully automated load cell type units. They can test the entire range of Rockwell scales as well as Brinell and Vickers.

Regardless of the model you choose, it is important to always have a master calibration set on hand. These sets are essential in ensuring that your hardness tester is providing consistent results and can be used to identify the cause of any problems that may arise during testing. These kits contain all of the necessary test blocks as well as a serial number that matches the diamond indenter or carbide ball penetrator used to create the set. They are the best solution for ensuring that your hardness tester is performing as it should. For more information about our complete selection of rockwell hardness testers for sale, feel free to contact us today.

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