Solar Electricity Panels – How to Build You Own

Do you want to build your own solar panel because the cost of buying a solar panel is prohibitively expensive? An average home uses about 300 W of power everyday, and if you were to buy enough solar panels to produce that much electricity it would cost over $10,000.

For most people, spending that much money on solar electricity panels is not really an option. That’s why I decided to build my own solar electricity panels. I can show you everything you need and how to avoid making costly mistakes. This is even easier than building a homemade windmill to generate power.

Here are the things you will need to know in building your own solar panels at home.

1.    The first thing to consider is securing or preparing the plans or blueprints to build this system. Plans like these are easily found on the Internet. The only tools you will need are found in every one’s garage. I recommend that you find plans that are tested and easy-to-follow. Some of the techniques available on the Internet are long, complicated, and expensive.

2.    Then, find something where you will mount your solar electricity panel on to. A piece of plywood works best and is durable as well as it will last a long time in the weather. Remember to always wear safety glasses while working.

3.    Building solar panels is really pretty easy. You just have to know where to get the panels themselves. Once you have found the materials to be used for the whole solar electricity system, it’s just simply a matter of soldering the wires to the newly completed panel.

4.    Once this is done you can mount your solar electricity panel or panels in several places depending on how much power you are going to be supplying. A large one or several solar electricity panels might even be able to power your washer and dryer. You can also choose to charge a battery or attached the panels directly to your meter. This way, you can save money on your electricity bill. You have several options but again make sure to find a proven and tested guide and follow their instructions exactly.

I have to say, it’s pretty neat to see my electricity meter running backwards for once. Sure, it took me some time and a lot of effort to make it work, but I am totally happy with the results. Now, I do not have to worry about paying expensive monthly electric bills anytime soon. Building solar panels was definitely a fun and worthwhile project for me. Electrician

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