ominous to the touch, but a true asset to their clients

The name Steuerberatung conjures up images of tax experts in suits and ties, sitting down with a client and advising them on how best to structure their assets for the highest possible net tax. The industry is dominated by a small but elite group of professionals. The requisite qualifications include the passing of the aptly named “Steuerberaterprufung” (the tax advisor exam) as well as the ability to provide competent and cost-effective tax advice to clients on an ongoing basis.

The most impressive accolade is undoubtedly the designation as a licensed and authorised Steuerberater. In the past, obtaining such a credential was a long and arduous process that involved extensive study of German tax law, legal practice and business administration as well as an in depth study of international and national tax laws. As of December 31, 2017, there are about 30 certified Steuerberater in Germany. Steuerberater


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