Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne

Child car seats are a safety must for children when travelling by taxi. While some taxi services have them already fitted, it is also possible to bring your own car seat with you in order to ensure a safe journey for your family. Just be sure to ask the taxi service before booking if they provide baby seats. In most states and territories, children aged up to 7 years must be transported in a child car seat that is correctly installed, adjusted to fit and fastened.

In Victoria, commercial passenger vehicles are required to have at least one anchor point for a child restraint or booster seat, although taxis that offer rank and hail services (such as Uber) aren’t required to carry them. Despite this, some Uber drivers offer car seats for an extra fee when booked in advance. These Uber drivers are accredited by Baby Bunting, a car seat retailer and installer, after attending workshops and competency knowledge checks.

This allows them to install the car seat for you, making it more convenient if you are not carrying a heavy child car seat with you. However, if you are planning to book a taxi with baby seat melbourne for a long distance trip, we advise you to check whether the driver has the correct type of car seat. For example, infant car seats are suitable for children up to 6 months, while toddler seats can accommodate children up to 4 years. taxi with baby seat melbourne

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