The 12 Volt 20AH Lithium Battery

The 12 volt 20ah lithium battery is a high-performing deep cycle battery that is designed to be a plug and play replacement for most applications that currently use a lead acid, gel or AGM style battery. It uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry which offers more power, less weight, and longer life than traditional sealed lead acid batteries. It has a built in battery management system that keeps the cells at peak performance and protects them for thousands of cycles by preventing overcharging, over discharging, and short-circuiting.

These batteries offer a safe, worry-free energy solution that is up to 3x more powerful than traditional SLAs in the same size and form factor. They can be used for all residential and commercial power needs, both on and off the grid, including alternative energy systems like solar, wind, or microgeneration, as well as mission critical remote monitoring equipment. They are a perfect choice for off-grid or backup power applications that require long-lasting, reliable power.

They are engineered to outperform traditional sealed lead acid batteries in RVs, solar systems, marine applications, overland vehicles, and off-grid setups. They are also ideal for a variety of portable electronics like 12 volt RV fans, off-grid music systems, and much more. With over 2000 life cycles and a 10-year lifespan, they are a top-quality option for anyone looking to improve their power supply with a more sustainable, compact, and lightweight alternative.

Our 12 volt 20ah lithium battery is equipped with an intelligent Battery Management System that ensures safety and a long lifetime in all conditions. It can be connected in parallel to up to 4 units of the same model to create a 24V 20Ah, 36V 20Ah, or 48V 20Ah battery configuration. This battery is also compatible with most standard lead-acid chargers, provided they do not exceed the lithium charge specification.

Lithium batteries are designed to withstand a wide range of operating temperatures, from extremely cold to very hot. The 12 volt 20ah lithium battery can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (4°F to 140°F), and its cell protection technology is optimized for operation in any environment.

It can be used to power electric scooters and bicycles, allowing for convenient, eco-friendly transportation that is both comfortable and efficient. It can also be used in home security systems, providing backup power for alarms and motion sensors in the event of a power outage. It can even be employed as an emergency power source for camping trips and other outdoor activities. The lithium ion PowerBrick+ battery provides superior performance in all conditions, outliving traditional lead acid batteries by up to 3x while being half the size and weight. The PowerBrick+ battery offers a very high level of safety by using cylindrical cells with a fully integrated Battery Management System. The BMS constantly monitors and balances the battery cells for optimal performance and a long service life.

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