The Best Curly Hair Salon in Melbourne

Whether you want a long curly bob or loose wavy locks, here’s where to get your dream hair in Melbourne.

With a Deva cut and a passion for the curl, Robin Ouidad is arguably Australia’s foremost curl specialist. She hosts curl-education seminars and has a widely successful line of Ouidad hair products available at beauty stores. Her philosophy is that textured hair needs to be styled differently, which explains why she developed her Carving & Slicing curl-cutting technique and Rake & Shake defining method. Her work has earned her copious amounts of recognition, which includes becoming the first salon owner in the US to specialise exclusively in wavy and curly hair. For a curly hair makeover, visit her salon in Fitzroy and expect your cut to be followed by an in-depth consultation to ensure your new strands suit your lifestyle and personality. best curly hair salon melbourne

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