The Cherub Figurine by Lladro

The cherub (plural: cherubim) is a celestial winged creature that may have human, animal, or birdlike characteristics. In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic iconography they serve as throne bearers of God and continually praise Him. Their name most likely derives from Akkadian karibu, meaning “to pray.” In Western art they are commonly depicted as babies with wings. They often wear a halo, and are seen as symbols of love, divinity, and peace.

In the Hebrew Bible, cherubs are the angelic creatures who guarded the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. They are known for their virtuous virtue, a loving nature, and the ability to protect us from harm. Their innocence is the ideal of purity, and they have also been interpreted as protectors of children.

Cherubs are among the most powerful of all angels, and their divine presence is omnipresent throughout scripture. They appear frequently in both art and literature. They can take on many forms, including humans, women, children, a Torah scholar, or even a dragon. Today, cherubs are most often depicted as cute, baby angels with curly hair and chubby features. They can be found in religious art, adorning church architecture and cathedrals, in jewelry and other decorative objects, or in gardens as figurines or statues.

In this Cherub Figurine, the artist appears to have condensed the language of architectural ornament given over to ecclesiastical spaces into a single sculptural symbol that powerfully signals the celestial realm. It is also a fine example of the exemplary modeling and decorative skill that the Lladro artisans were known for. The degree of precision with which the figurative form is modelled, especially the feathered wings and the scallop-fluted elements on the shell, asserts traditions of metalworking more than those of sculpture considered in its freest plastic sense.

This adorable cherub statue is a charming way to show your love of God or just add joy and beauty to your home or garden. Its small size makes it easy to place in many different places, and it can be used as a centerpiece or placed among other plants. It is made of a durable designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time. The quality and attention to detail make this cherub angel statue a wonderful gift for friends and family.

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