Top Three Fine French Wines That Are Perfect For Tastings

France is renowned as the country famous for its wine. Some even call France the home country of wine, so their wines may definitely be worth looking into. France is home to some of the most prestigious wineries in the world; growing and producing fine French wine is what they do best.

Whether it’s a wine from Bordeaux made from the Grenache grape or a dry white Chardonnay from Burgundy, there are so many fine white wines to pick from. The best place to taste a number of these is at a wine tasting. These offer great opportunities to expand people’s knowledge of wine and the history behind different grapes and regions.

Not sure which wines you should be showcasing at your tasting? Well don’t panic! Here are our top 3 fine French wines that are so beautiful and tasty they make wine tastings a treat.

1. Petit Chablis Charly Nicolle 2011

The beautiful wine hails from the Petit Chablis appellation, which is part of the Chablis extension to accommodate for the increased demand of the wine. But it should not be thought of as inferior as this is a real fine French wine. This Petit Chablis is typical of the style, with light, fresh delicate notes of green apple, lime peel and citrus. The delicacy of this wine lends itself to light seafood dishes, as the flavours of the wine compliment and enhance the tastes of the fish.

2. Savennieres Les Vieux Clos 2009

This wine is made from the Chenin Blanc grape, which is extremely versatile and can be vinified bone dry or incredibly sweet. The Savennieres Les Vieux Clos is an example of how the grapes can produce beautiful dry white wines. To create such tantalising flavours the grapes are left on the vine for as long as possible before they begin to rot. The flavours of apricot, melon and pineapple are intensified and blend beautifully with the delicate floral notes, making this a truly fine French wine.

3. Sancerre Rose ‘Les Baronnes’ Domaine Henri Bourgeois 2010

This Rose is not only a stunning clear orangey pink colour, but it also has the most luscious and refreshing flavours. Made from the Pinot Noir grape, this fine French wine offers summer scents of red berries, pear and tangerine. The subtle sweetness and fresh acidity of this fine wine makes this Rose perfect for food matching particularly with fish dishes.

These are just some of the fine wines that the county has to offer. These three options are a perfect refreshment for a summer’s day, served with fresh salads and warming fish dishes.

Although not everyone realises it, fine French wine is actually accessible for everyone. Some wines come with ridiculously expensive price tags that increase in value as they are left to mature, whereas others are produced to be enjoyed now. It’s these wines that make fine French wines so accessible, as you can experience and enjoy the flavours and tastes right away. So pick one, and see if you are swayed by the flavours of fine French wines. wine tours Willamette Valley

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