Types of Portable Gas Heaters

A portable gas heater is a type of space heater that uses a fuel such as natural gas heaters propane or butane to heat a room or outdoor area. There are several types of portable gas heaters including unflued, flued, radiant and convector gas heaters as well as a range of gas fireplaces.

Unflued portable gas heaters (also called vent free or non-flued) run on natural gas and can be either permanently installed or portable, with a flue system to extract emissions. Some of these gas heaters also incorporate a catalytic converter to help control the emission of carbon monoxide and other combustible gases.

These units have been used in a wide variety of environments and are regarded as a safe form of heating for both domestic and commercial use. They do, however, require adequate ventilation to remove the carbon dioxide produced and water vapour that results from the heating process.

The most popular type of portable gas heater is the “mushroom heater” that works as a large Bunsen burner. The flame heats the air locally, which then spreads by convection to heat the entire room.

Another type of portable gas heater is a fan-powered heater that draws in cold air, then dispenses it to warm the room. They are often used in industrial and commercial areas such as workshops, warehouses and garages.

They can be used to supplement other heating systems or as a primary source of heat in areas where electricity is not available. They are less expensive to operate than oil or kerosene heaters and are much more effective at keeping a room warm.

Radiant portable gas heaters are a newer type of gas heater that work by using radiant technology rather than the Bunsen burner principle. This allows the heated air to travel directly toward people and objects, and can be more economical than other forms of heating that use convection to spread heat throughout a room.

These types of portable gas heaters are typically more aesthetically appealing than other portable options and come in different shapes and sizes. These include models that are mounted on wheels to be moved easily from place to place, and those that sit on a base to give them stability.

The main advantages of these portable gas heaters are their ease of use and flexibility in positioning them for optimal heating performance. Some models are even able to be tilted to direct the warmth exactly where needed, as well as being able to stand up or fold up to be rolled away and stored.

This type of heater is ideal for small rooms, offices or other spaces that are difficult to heat by traditional methods. They are also ideal for places that have poor access to power or are in areas where the temperature is unpredictable, such as greenhouses and farms.

Some of these heaters have adjustable thermostats, allowing you to set the temperature at a comfortable level for you. Other models have a remote control that lets you adjust the temperature from a distance.

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