What is PEX Al Pex Pipe?

If you are a plumber you might have noticed that pex al pex pipe is starting to become more popular. It is an evolution of regular pex tubing with the addition of aluminum to prevent oxygen penetration and add some strength. It is a great option for hydronic heating, plumbing and snow/ice melting systems.

The aluminium layer is sandwiched between two layers of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). This helps the pipe to resist higher temperatures and pressures, which makes it suitable for hot water hydronic heating systems. It also offers excellent flexibility, allowing the pipes to bend and curve, which makes it easy to install in tight spaces.

In comparison to copper, PEX-AL has a lower corrosion rate and is also more resistant to high temperature changes. The aluminium also provides heat transfer properties, which can help in reducing energy costs. The multilayered structure of the pipe also provides inherent insulation, which is especially beneficial in gas piping applications.

Another important aspect of PEX-AL is its ability to be joined using either crimp or compression fittings. Both types of fittings are insert-type, and they can be joined with a wrench. Both the crimp and compression fittings are compatible with many different manufacturers, which allows contractors to use whichever fitting is available and most convenient for the project. The crimp and compression fittings both offer an o-ring, which is designed to prevent leakage. These o-rings are typically installed in the joints of the pipe to ensure a strong, waterproof seal. pex al pex pipe

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