Where Does Far Cry 5 Take Place?

If you’ve been wondering where Far Cry 5 takes place, then you’re not alone. The popular video game has spawned a number of sequels, but it remains a firm favorite for gamers across the world. With the release of Far Cry 3 in April of 2017, fans are excited to see what new things are in store for the series. As you’ll see below, the setting of the game has changed, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to make a trek to California to get a taste of the action. You may instead wish to consider the Holland Valley, Whitetail Mountain, or Hope County.

Map of Hope County

If you are planning to play Far Cry 5 you may want to check out the map of Hope County, Montana. The map can help you locate important locations, outposts, and specialists.

Several areas in the world are based on real places. For example, the Grand View Hotel is based on Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park. It is difficult to enter the hotel without the use of Gun for Hire.

In Hope County there are many roads. Some of them are gravel, others are dirt. You will need to check the map frequently to keep track of your progress.

Hope County is divided into three regions. Each region is controlled by one of the Seed family’s underlings. As you take out each outpost, you will earn resistance points. These will help you unlock new areas.

The cult in Hope County has been using violence to sway residents away from seeking help. Joseph Seed, the cult’s leader, believes he is chosen by God to protect the residents of the county.

A nuclear blast in Far Cry 5 has changed the landscape of Hope County. Hope County is also the demarcation of the Treasure State. Although the area was reclaimed by nature, there are still remnants of the original area.

To reclaim Hope County you will need to liberate each region before confronting Joseph. This is done by taking out the cultists in each region. There are also other missions to complete. Among them are the Upgrade Prosperity mission and the Prosperity facility.

Survivors have begun to rebuild their homes. They are also starting to create weapons from whatever materials they can find.

Holland Valley

If you have been planning on getting Far Cry 5 and have been waiting for the official release date, then you probably know that it is set in Montana. The game has an open world that is modeled on outposts from past titles. This allows players to complete missions and earn rewards for their hard work. You will also be rewarded for destroying cult properties, as well as for freeing civilians.

The first region you will encounter in Hope County is Holland Valley. Most of the game’s map is situated in this area. It’s also where the main mission ‘Fall’s End’ begins. A long drive will take you to this settlement.

While in this region, you will find a lot of side missions and prepper stashes. One of these is the Grand View Hotel, which has a striking resemblance to the real-life lodge in Glacier National Park.

Another notable place to see in Holland Valley is the “YES” sign. The YES is a giant sign that is perched on a hillside in the area. There is a hidden mission to find near it. After you complete the “YES” mission, you will be able to see a similar one a little further north.

As you progress through the game, you will become more skilled at using the Resistance to clear out outposts. Each outpost will give you Resistance points. Once you have enough, you can start to sweep Holland Valley from the northeast. At this point, the resistance in this region is weakest.

John Seed controls Holland Valley and you can also visit his bunker in the far western part of the county. His bunker has a sealed door, but there will be a few enemies in the next room.

Whitetail Mountain

The Whitetail Mountains are a great place to visit. You can find plenty of things to do, and there’s even an iconic lake. Whether you’re looking for a place to go for a scout mission, or a good place for wing-suiting, you’ll be happy here.

In Far Cry 5, you’ll find yourself in Hope County, Montana. It’s a fictional county that is heavily influenced by real places in the state. And it’s a big part of the game.

A few of the most notable locations in the game include the St. Francis Veterans Center, Wolf’s Den, and the St. Mary Lake. These are all important locations, and they’re well worth visiting.

You can also check out the nearby Logan Pass Visitor Center. It’s similar to the one at Glacier National Park. Another spot is the Flathead Lake Brewing Co. located in Bigfork. If you don’t have a gun for hire, the Grand View Hotel is a hard mission to complete, as it’s overrun by cultists.

There are two main types of missions in the Whitetail Mountains. First, you’ll need to hunt down the “Chosen One.” This mission is one of the most important, as it leads to the main character’s rebirth. However, this quest will only automatically complete if you’ve completed the mission before.

Secondly, you’ll have to take on the outposts of the cult. Each outpost is a key part of the plot. As you kill each of the outposts, you’ll earn resistance points. These points are the key to unlocking the final Peggie in the Whitetail Mountains.

Despite the fact that you’ll be spending most of your time in the Whitetail Mountains, there are other areas to explore. Holland Valley and the Henbane River are both excellent places to visit.
Grand View Hotel

One of the most striking locations in Far Cry 5 is the Grand View Hotel in Whitetail Mountain, Montana. The hotel, if you ask me, looks like it was inspired by Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park. It is the biggest building in the area, boasting a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

The hotel was the perfect setting for testing the abilities of a mind-controlled inductee. A cult took this to the next level and turned the Grand View into a brainwashing center.

There is a secret underground tunnel, which offers sneaky access to the hotel. While the interior of the building is relatively small, the surrounding areas are filled with enemies. This means that players will need to wreak havoc in order to get out of the place.

In addition to the aforementioned tunnel, the hotel has a pool and a dock for boats. There is also a golf course in the vicinity. And, of course, the lake.

For a game that is set in the Montana twilight zone, there is a surprising amount of attention paid to religion. Interestingly, the cult tries to convert residents of Hope County into the faithful using the Project at Eden’s Gate. At the outset, the cult’s main leader Joseph Seed has a grand scheme to save the world. Unfortunately, this scheme isn’t quite as successful as he had hoped.

Overall, the Grand View Hotel is an impressive building that is difficult to reach without Guns for Hire. With the right amount of luck and a little time, you can take out the cult and reclaim Hope County.

The Highwaymen

Far Cry 5 is set in a post-nuclear war world. The player has the role of a survivor in a country where everything has collapsed. The players have to find out how the world came to this state and try to rebuild it.

The game takes place in the ruins of Hope County. This destitute area is occupied by highwaymen. They pillage and terrorize the population. It’s not hard to spot them since they wear ballistic masks and motocross-style armor.

The Highwaymen are one of the main enemies in the game. Their tactics are reminiscent of “crazy bad guys”. There are two women leading the Highwaymen: Mickey and Lou.

They are accompanied by Enforcers. These highwaymen are heavily armed. They also have a Healing Factor. However, the Enforcers can’t be permanently tracked. That means they can be easily eliminated.

Throughout the game, players will come across other enemies. They range in strength and toughness, and have different combat abilities.

At the start of the game, Highwaymen lay siege to Prosperity, a small community. This faction is trying to overthrow the ruling entity.

The Highwaymen aren’t interested in bringing order back to the world. Rather, they want to dominate. Luckily, the player character can sneak in. He must then kill five highwaymen to unlock the achievement Good Job, Cap.

Highwaymen are a gang of criminals that operate on a different principle than the other factions. Although they aren’t good, they’re not evil. In the game, they take what they want from people, scavenge resources, and torture prisoners.

While the Highwaymen are a real threat, they’re not the biggest one. Ethan Seed is the next big baddie.

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